Pacific Ocean Marine Reserves

Landscapes that You Need to See with Your Own Eyes

There are places on the Russian Pacific coast that many have heard of but very few have actually visited. This is the territory of the Marine Reserve, which consists of areas with different levels of protection.

For example, Popov island is open to the public. Tourists can take a ferry to the island and visit a small island museum. Other areas are accessible only though authorized travel companies or with a special permit.

Also, there are countless breathtakingly beautiful landscapes in Primorye even outside of the Marine Reserve — as if someone created this land to amaze us.

For example, the rocky cliffs of the Telyakhovskogo Bay, near the Vityaz fishermen village, are the only habitat for the pinus densiflóra (Japanese red pine). Hanging over the edge, with a copper-red bark and perfetly shaped crown, the red pine seems to have stepped out of the Japanese Emperor’s garden.

The southern Primorsky region is the north-most border of the pinus densiflóra. You won’t find it anywhere else in Russia.

The Telyakhovskogo Bay is a jewel of Primorsky region’s landscapes. You can spend hours watching the glistering waves, breathing in the ocean air, and connecting with nature.

You don’t have to go swimming, especially if you are concerned about sharks (sometimes these predators are spotted in the waters), but you must see the majestic beauty of this place with your own eyes. And, you will then understand why the locals say, “our sea is the most beautiful sea in the world!”