Pacific Ocean Beach Vacation

Let's go to the beach!

Swimming season in Primorye usually starts in July, when the seawater warms up to an acceptable +18... +20 °C. Around this time tent camps begin to pop up along the coast.

Your other choice is lodging. There is an option for every taste and budget, ranging from shacks with an outhouse to comfortable hotels and cottages. Keep in mind that the period from mid-July to mid-September is considered “peak season” on the Pacific coast. So it is best to book your spot as early as possible, preferably in April.

You can also find quiet, secluded coves near Vladivostok where old-timers like to camp. A few days away from civilization, on the shores of a cozy little cove, your soul comes into harmony with the world.

Shamora Bay is the place to go if you are in Vladivostok during the summer and do not have time to travel far outside the city.

You can take a cab or a bus to get there! Shamora Bay is a three-kilometer low coast with the perfect depth of water — not too shallow and not too deep — and a wide, sandy beach. It’s the ideal place to relax and unwind.