Pacific Ocean Activities & Sports

The Energy of the Ocean

The shores of the Pacific Ocean are dominated with intrepid, beautiful elements, instilling delight and the desire to merge with them.

Scuba Diving

The abundance and diversity of marine life in the Sea of Japan makes Primorye the best scuba diving destination in Russia.

Water visibility is clear, yet the temperature, even in the summer, rarely rises above 23° Celsius. Despite this, enthusiasts start the diving season in late April.


If you try to describe your first yachting experience in one word, that word would be — exhilaration: feeling the wind blowing through the ship’s sails, hearing the seagulls, looking at the blue sky, and inhaling the salty sea air.

Yachting is a favorite outdoor activity in Primorye. Therefore, from the beginning of the yachting season, the waters of the Peter the Great Gulf are illuminated with hundreds of sails. International regattas and local sailing competitions are held regularly in Vladivostok.

Water Jet Skiing

Jet skiing attracts adrenaline junkies.

It is an irresistible experience to slice through the surface of the water on a beautiful summer day on your water jet skis, with the wind and waves at your back.

Hang Ten

The waves on the Sea of Japan are not as big as that of other popular surfing spots around the world. Nevertheless, although a favorable swell is rare, surfers can still get a good ride.

Surfing season in Primorye lasts from May to October, but some brave souls dare to go for the arctic surf challenge. The season opens with “Coldwater Cup Reyneke”, a surfing competition that takes place in the cold water on Reyneke Island.

Riding the Wind

The excitement of windsurfing in perfect weather conditions is almost indescribable. Your board doesn’t just glide on the wave; it almost flies, barely touching the water.

Primorye may be one of the best places in Russia to engage in kiting and windsurfing. There are no huge waves, but you can always count on a good, strong wind to make your experience more exciting.